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This book is called, 'A WRINKLE IN TIME’, written by Madeleine L’engle. It is about a girl named Meg Murry who is not considered very bright at school but is in fact very clever at Math. Her father and mother are scientists. However, Meg’s father has been away for many years now. Meg has a younger brother who is also considered to be dumb by other people but is actually quite a smart person at home. He is mentally extraordinary as he can read Meg and her mother’s mind. His name is Charles Wallace. One day, Charles Wallace makes friends with a group of three ladies who are magical creatures. Their names are Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which. They have all once given the world light at night. Whatsit is the youngest of the three. The three old ladies take Meg, Charles Wallace and their acquaintance, Calvin O’Keefe, on a perilous journey through space. Miraculously, they get to places very quickly because they wrinkle or in other words, tesseract. A tesseract is the fifth dimension and makes it easier to travel in space as you don’t need to go the long way around. Meg figures this out easily as she is a Maths Wizard and also figures out that this tesseract is somehow connected to the cause for her father going missing. The three old ladies take Meg and her friends to try and save her father. They reach a place called Camazotz where the three old ladies leave Meg, Calvin and Charles on their own with some special blessings. Camazotz is a place where everything is in perfect order and everyone is doing things in unison. Meg, Calvin and Charles figure out that Meg and Charles’ father is here somewhere. In the Central building, a very dangerous person or brain sits who controls everything but is evil. His name is IT. Charles is so over-confident that he is drawn into a person controlled by IT and becomes part of IT. Meg and Calvin use their talents to follow Charles and find Meg’s father. Meg frees him with the use of Mrs. Who’s blessings and Meg, Calvin and father tesseract to another place. In the process of tesseracting, Meg falls a little bit ill and starts to argue with her father’s good intentions. The three get rescued by some beasts who are kind (thankfully) and a beast named Aunt Beast cures Meg. The three old ladies come back and tell Meg that she is the one who has to go and rescue Charles Wallace from the power of IT. She is told that she has something that IT doesn’t. But, Meg doesn’t know what it is. When she reaches Charles, there is a big change in Charles as he is no longer sweet- he is now rude, cold-hearted and selfish. Meg thinks hard and finally, after a lot of thinking, figures out that she has love for Charles while IT doesn’t; IT wants to rule over people in order to gain power and not to help them. Meg loves Charles and Charles breaks the trance he is in. Meg and Charles get tesseracted back to where their father and Calvin are. Meg, Charles, Calvin and father all go home finally and the Murry family reunite. Everything goes well!

What I like about the book:
·    Madeleine L’engle had an interview that appears at the end of the book. When I read through it, I realised that the subjects she was bad in were Maths and Science. She was good at English. So now, I think that she has made Meg quite the opposite of herself because Meg is no good at English and excellent at Maths and Science.
·  This book’s genre is sci-fi. Recently, I have started liking sci-fi more and more. It is a great book and I recommend it to people who love sci-fi or just simply love to write and describe a lot. A Wrinkle In Time had many fabulous descriptions and I really liked watching the movie- I mean reading the book J
·  One word that Madeleine L’engle used quite a lot in the book was tangible. When I was reading this book, I didn’t know what it meant so I searched up the meaning and found out what it meant. It means: able to be seen or noticed when touched- having a physical existence. Here is ‘tangible’ in a sentence: She touched the mirror again to see whether the image would fade but the image was very much tangible and Anna could feel a body shaping in her hands.
·      In this book, there were two lessons that I learnt. The first one was to not be too proud of yourself, as Charles was, but to persevere and set a target to do better everytime. The second one was to not let other people get in the way of what you want to do. This is best portrayed in Meg when she’s thinking about her deep love for Charles but she doubts it after IT takes over Charles and Charles, her own little brother, has been so rude to her.
·  One last thing before I leave you to read the book and answer the questions in my little quiz. Madeleine L’engle had a very vivid imagination. ‘A Wrinkle In Time’ was published in 1963. She must have had a lot of imagination to dream up how to describe space and how far away places & galaxies looked. The book was published in 1963, as I mentioned, and Neil Armstrong only landed on the moon in 1969. She may have had a little bit of inspiration from John F. Kennedy’s speech in 1961 but other than that, she had to literally dream up a galaxy in the sky. Star Wars only came a few years later, possibly with some inspiration from Madeleine L'engle.
·  Finally... Fun time! Read the book and answer the following questions:
  1. Who was the chirpy person in the cave?
  2. What was the cold thing that made Meg sick called?
  3. Meg’s father’s name is...?
  4. Where did Meg, Charles, Calvin and father land?
  5. Meg and Calvin support and show their love for each other by?
  6. Charles has to conquer being over-confident and having a lot of pride when praised. True or False?
  7. Meg has a Bunny named Carrots. True or False?





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